• Prenatal Nutritional Counseling - 1 ½ hr session
A class to be taken during the first trimester of pregnancy. A registered dietician will discuss dietary needs during your pregnancy. Information will include foods to enjoy as well as those to avoid during your pregnancy. Curious about artificial sweeteners, coffee, chocolate, brie, fish and sushi? Come and get information about these and other pertinent nutritional questions – it’s your personal prenatal diet counseling session! – $30.00 – limit 12/class

• Infant Massage - 4 week series
This class will teach you the techniques to relax and bond with your baby through massage.  Infant massage provides many benefits for babies as well as parents.  Infant benefits include relief of discomfort from teething, congestion, gas, colic, and emotional stress, improved sensory awareness, improved digestion, enhanced neurological development, and more restful, longer sleep cycles.  Intimate interaction between parent and baby help to foster the parent/infant bond.  Please bring your baby, a blanket, and any baby care items that you may need.  We will provide lotion and instructional materials.  Both mom and dad are welcome to attend.  $100 for 4 week series

• Child/Infant CPR  - 4 Hours
This class will be taught by an American Red Cross certified Infant CPR instructor and participants will be certified in child/infant CPR by the American Red Cross. Come and learn lifesaving techniques to aid your child in the case of an emergency. This class is open to parents as well as others in the community who need child/infant CPR certification. Take this class at any time during your pregnancy – it’s also a great opportunity for grandparents and others who routinely care for your child. – $50.00/person or $90.00/couple
– limit 10/class

Prenatal Yoga - 8 week series (1 hour per class)                                                                
Our Certified Yoga Trainer (CYT) will lead an 8 week series of prenatal yoga instruction using guided imagery and breathwork.  Relax your mind while strengthening your body in preparation for your childbirth experience.  This class is designed just for expectant moms with an instructor who is specially trained in prenatal yoga technique.  This class is the perfect workout during any stage of your pregnancy!  
- $12/class or $80 for an 8 week series card -limit 7/class      

Mommy & Me Yoga- 6 week series (1 hour per class)  
Our Certified Yoga Trainer (CYT) will lead a 6 week series of yoga classes designed for new moms and infants up to eighteen months.  This class offers a great opportunity to connect with your child while toning and strengthening using yoga relaxation techniques. - $15/class or $80 for a 6 week series card - limit 5 pairs/class
Classes now available!

•Childbirth Education - A series of 4 classes (1 1/2 hours per class)
Jennifer Varner Pinholster, a certified childbirth educator and certified Labor Doula, will teach you and your partner natural childbirth techniques, coping strategies for the various stages of labor, labor positions, types of available medical intervention, and more. Learn more than just what to expect -- learn how to be an active participant in YOUR childbirth experience. Our private teaching facility offers an intimate atmosphere with small classes. -$165/couple for series of 4 classes- individuals welcome

•Childbirth Basics & Breastfeeding (a refresher course)  - 2 1/2 hour session                          Childbirth Basics is a comprehensive, but condensed, childbirth refresher class for moms who want a few new ideas for coping with the various stages of labor.  Whether you are an experienced mom who took a childbirth class in the past, or never had a formal childbirth class, this is the place for you.  Renew your knowledge base -- topics include various stages of labor, labor positions, coping strategies, types of medical intervention and more.  Our childbirth classes are the MOST COMPREHENSIVE classes offered in this area, you will be well-prepared to be an active participant in your childbirth experience. - $50/couple - individuals also welcome - limit 10 people or 5 couples/class                                                                                                                                                          

• Breastfeeding - 1 hour
Come in for an informative session about the benefits of breastfeeding. Discussion will include latching on, feeding, and solutions to problems commonly associated with breastfeeding. We will also offer tips and suggestions for those who wish to continue breastfeeding after returning to work. This class is recommended during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. This class is conveniently scheduled immediately following the first Thursday of each Childbirth Education series – $40 ($25 if also enrolled in Natural Childbirth Education series) - limit 10/class                                                                    

• Child/Infant Safety & Childproofing - 1 ½ hours
We will discuss infant safety and childproofing your home. This is an imperative class for first time parents as you will have a whole new world of challenges in keeping your little one safe from seemingly harmless household situations/items. This class is recommended during the second or third trimesters of pregnancy. – $30 individual or couple – limit 12/class

• Postpartum Nutritional Counseling/Weight-loss -Series of 6 sessions over 12 weeks -$150.00
Our registered dietician will lead a series of classes designed to help you get back to your pre-baby weight in a way that is both effective and healthy for you and your baby (especially if breastfeeding). This class will be focused on nutritional information as well as weight-loss support from a group of new moms who are all in your shoes! – limit 12/class

! All classes will have to meet a minimum enrollment to form. We reserve the right to cancel any class which does not meet minimum enrollment criteria.