What Others Are Saying

Our experience at First Glimpse was amazing.  We went for the gender determination ultrasound.  The viewing room was so comfortable and my mom and husband were very impressed with the large monitor for viewing.  Everyone needs to do this at least once.  We have watched the DVD, downloaded and printed pictures from the CD and told all of our friends and family how beautiful our baby boy is.  Thank you so much for giving us our "first glimpse" of our son and so many keepsakes.  We will certainly be back for the 3d/4d ultrasound!                                                                                    Jaci

It was a great time, especially since all of our extended family could participate. I was somewhat hesitant about spending the extra money as we are trying to save money for twins, but after having it done, I would have paid $500.00 for the experience. I was also very anxious and nervous about having the ultrasound because I was afraid that I would be able to see some defect or abnormality....as I am sure all mothers share in this fear. The sonographer really calmed my fears and let me know that if there was any problems she would contact my OB physician. I appreciate the experience and would recommend it to anyone!!     Sincerely,                                                                                                             Tracey

I had a wonderful experience at First Glimpse! The ultrasound session was relaxed and such a sweet time for my husband and me. We found that our little one is a girl - and we are very confident of that, thanks to the skills of the ultrasound technician. I am so thankful to have all of the pictures and the video of the experience. This baby is the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents, so I know they will enjoy watching the utlrasound session.
  Thanks so much for the great experience and products! I got to enjoy my one-hour massage today. It was most definitely worth it!!!! I have bragged about your business to everyone who knows we are pregnant, verbally as well as on our baby website! Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to tell you thank you so much! The environment was wonderful and I loved having the whole family there to experience it with me. Angela was SO informative and took plenty of time with us. I couldn't be happier and I will definitely recommend your services in the future. I have scheduled a massage for Monday so I will see you then!!!                                                                                                        Thank you again!                                                                                                   Christy

My experience with First Glimpse was wonderful.  You have created such a warm and comfortable environment for expecting mothers and families.  The technician was extremely nice and knowledgeable about the ultrasound.  Did I mention how patient everyone was!! I will recommend First Glimpse to every expecting mother I come in contact with.  I was surprised that the environment you want customers to experience is nothing like a doctor's office.  It was an awesome experience!  By the way, the CD, DVD, and pictures are amazing.  You should be proud of the quality of work produced by First Glimpse.  Thank you for providing this opportunity to expecting mothers. 
A very satisfied mother,

I want to thank First Glimpse for making our 3d/4d experience so special.  The setting was relaxing and the staff was very friendly.  We really appreciated our sonographer's patience when she took some extra time with us when our little one was being "shy."  My husband and I live in Arizona, but we wanted my parents to be able to share the experience with us, so we had the ultrasound done while we were in Macon for a visit.  They loved being able to get a sneak peek of their first grandchild!  My husband and I were thrilled as well, as we had only seen 2d images before that.  We will have the pictures and video forever, and to us, that's priceless.
Christian & Dianna

We are still talking about our experience with y'all.  The pictures made fabulous decorations at my last baby shower!  I tell everyone about y'all and how impressed we were with the technology and service.  Thanks again for your service and we'll be in touch. 

Just wanted to let you guys know that having the 3D was the coolest thing ever.  I was completely amazed by the technology.  I can't wait for Nora to get here so I can compare the pictures to her.  Everyone that sees the pictures is blown away.  I really appreciated your staff.  They were all very kind and friendly, which made the experience even that much better.  Your facilities were also top notch.  I don't have any complaints!! It was well worth the money (which was reasonable anyway, I thought) and the drive.  We live in Claxton and made the 2 hour trip on a Saturday.  I will try to send you some comparative pictures when she gets here.  Thanks again for the wonderful experience!! God bless you, and have a great day!!

Once again we had a wonderful experience at First Glimpse.  This was our 3rd visit and it was just as wonderful as the first...possibly even better!  The atmosphere is so relaxing and inviting.  The staff is the best ever!! We were so excited to finally see what our little Tori is going to look like...fat cheeks and all!  We have recommended you to all our friends and will definitely be back if we decide to have another baby!!  Thanks for everything...you guys have definitely made this pregnancy a wonderful experience!
Misty and Chris

We loved our experience at First Glimpse!  The entire appointment was very relaxing.  We didn't know what to expect, but were surprised at how much quality time was spent with us.  The office reminded us of a high-end salon with the soothing music, water fountain, dimmed lighting, oversized bed, and warmed gel.  We have already been spreading the word on how much we enjoyed our prenatal appointment.  We actually drove an hour and a half for our appointment (we live outside of Atlanta.)  My mother works at Giggle Moon and insisted that she had heard wonderful comments about First Glimpse.  We are so glad that we took her advice.  Thank you so much!!
Shawn and Holly

I had a great experience and love the video and photos.  Your staff was very pleasant, and accommodating.  I have already told several people how wonderful the experience was.
Thank you,

My experience at First Glimpse was fantastic!  We wanted a 3D/4D ultrasound of our baby and saw your road sign in Warner Robins and set up an appointment.  Although, we arrived with much anticipation, the overall experience exceeded any expectations we had!  From the phone call to set up the ultrasound (very nice, friendly and helpful) to when we departed, everything was wonderful and pleasant.  The atmosphere is like a spa, thus very relaxing.  The staff made us feel so comfortable.  I enjoyed my massage and all of the products I purchased at First Glimpse as well...the pregnancy bars and boppy pillows were beneficial and the body cast and first visitors sign frame were very unique and we will cherish them!  Several times since our first visit (mommy-to-be came again for a prenatal massage) I have been sharing my experience with friends and recommending your facility and will continue to do so.  One of my friends recently shared that she is trying for another baby.  She had not heard of First Glimpse but I know I will be getting her a gift certificate in the future when she is pregnant.  I look forward to giving friends gift certificates to such a wonderful place. Thank you for your facility and for all you offer Middle Georgians during pregnancy and after!  It is very special for couples expecting. Best Regards,                                                                                                        Sharon & Sam

My experience with First Glimpse was truly amazing. I will not hesitate to refer people to your facility. The techs were awesome and very personable, and made sure not to rush anything, and worked with us to try and get our baby girl to move the cord out of her face, but even though she didn't move it, we still got some excellent images! It was the most incredible thing I've seen, and definitely better than the ultrasounds done at a doctor's office. I thought the facility itself was just beautiful and had a great "spa" like feeling, and was a very wonderful place. Thank you so much for an awesome experience! I hope to use your services again in the future, and that my friends will use your services as well.                                                                                               Sarah

Thank you so much for the service you offer. It was amazing. The staff was wonderful. They made me feel relaxed during the process. The accomodations of the room were so beautiful and relaxing. Two weeks after coming to First Glimpse I had a medical ultrasound. WOW what a difference. My husband is in the military and was unable to attend the ultrasound but seeing the photos and DVD made him feel like he was there. We are looking forward to coming back at 30 weeks.                                                                                                                   Thank you                                                                                                            Melinda

I had a wonderful experience at First Glimpse.  I did not feel rushed and the ladies in the office took their time to make sure my experience was a nice one.  I will be back in a few weeks to do a 28-30 week 3d.  I loved it so much the first time I just had to come back again.                                                                                 Thanks                                                                                                                                                          Jennifer

 I just wanted to tell you what a huge difference there is between having an ultrasound done at your facility vs. the doctor's office.  I knew that the doctor's office would be shorter due to time constraints, however...I was less than pleased with the experience.  While at your facility we had the time to look and watch our child on the big screen.  Names escape me, but the tech at your facility was nice and friendly and talked to us.  My little girl was less than cooperative...but not once did the tech show any signs of impatience or like we were inconveniencing her.  It was truly a pleasurable experience that I never would have gotten had it not been for coming to your facility.  Also, the Childbirth Class was wonderful!  It helped me put my mind at ease with some of the fears that I have regarding labor.  My husband and I learned a lot and were happy that there was only one other couple.  It made it easier to have our questions answered.  It helped that it was a weekend class because our schedules are very packed most days...So, I just wanted to thank you and all of the staff at First Glimpse and I look forward to coming back for my 3d/4d ultrasound.                                                                    Holly and Adam

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience this past Saturday!  It was great being able to see our baby with our family members present.  They couldn't get over how wonderful it was to have the separate viewing area...Everyone working there was great!  It was a great experience and I look forward to going back again!  Thanks for everything!  Misty and Chris

My experience at First Glimpse was outstanding!  The facility is so nice and relaxing, really felt like I was at a spa, not a doctor's office.  Everyone was so patient and willing to go the extra mile for us to find out the sex of our baby before Christmas!  What a special Christmas gift to give our family.  Thanks for a fun time and for all your patience!  I have been spreading the word about your place all over town.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future.  Hope to see you again soon for our 3d/4d ultrasound.  Happy New Year!                                                                                 Lindsay and Chadwick                                                                                           

My appointment was wonderful and I've been telling everyone I know.  They have all been amazed by the pictures and the footage on the DVD.  My husband and I were very pleased with the services.  It was such a great atmosphere.  The staff was very kind and professional.  The experience really boosted our excitement about the baby again, so thank you so much!  I'll be in touch when I'm ready for a prenatal massage.  I also work part-time during tax season so I'm sure I will be in need of a massage or two in the upcoming weeks.  Take care and have a wonderful holiday season.                                  Latoria

I LOVED my experience!  Since me and my boyfriend are in two separate law schools, it has been been very difficult for him to make doctors appointments and see the ultrasounds I have there.  With First Glimpse, he was able to come to Macon on a Saturday and see his unborn child for the first time. Also, we were able to find out the sex of the baby before I even found out at the doctor!  The service was prompt (unlike at the doctor's office) and EVERYONE there was friendly.  I am a huge fan of First Glimpse and will definitely recommend it to every pregnant woman I come into contact with! Furthermore, I believe that prices were well worth the experience and all of the "freebies" the gift bag, photo session, and website were incredible. I can't wait to come back.                                                                                                                          Thanks so much,                                                                               Nicole                                      

We had a great time yesterday at our ultrasound!  The only bad thing is after seeing her so clearly it makes us even more impatient for her to get here!  We wish you much success with your business!  I recommended you today to our neighbor, so maybe they will come see you soon!                                                                                                       Thanks so much,
Jarrod and Leanne and the Boys

We just wanted to thank you so much for the ultrasound session we had on April 14th.  It was definitely a wonderful experience, by which we both felt we were able to bond with our future son.  I can't remember the name of the sweet woman who handled our ultrasound but she did an excellent job.  She was very patient and made us both feel at ease.  Please thank her for us!  She was a delight.  Your place really looks quite stunning.  We know you are just starting your business and you may still be doing stuff in the next few weeks/months but so far it looks fantastic.  We were very impressed.  We felt very comfortable in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings.  The massage table for the ultrasound bed was a DEFINITE plus!  I've never felt more comfortable.  The big screen tv on the was was so cool!  Too bad our family lives so far away because they would have loved to have been there with us.  We loved the music in the background.  Everything was perfect...no complaints.  We are looking forward to scheduling our 2nd ultrasound upon Jeremy's return from Iraq.  I'll be certain to call to set that up.  We can't wait!  We know it will be even better at that ultrasound because our son will be about 32 weeks.  YEAH!!!  Anyway, just wanted to let you know we truly appreciated the experience you provided for us.  We are sure to enjoy the lasting memories from the pictures/cd/dvd.  Thanks for giving truly SUPERB customer service.  We will definitely give your name out to all of our friends.  Good Luck to you both with the new business and your new baby (how adorable)!!!
Thanks again,
Jen and Jeremy

My husband and I had a fantastic experience at First Glimpse.  Nikki and Angela were great! We had a little difficulty getting the baby to show us her face, but Nikki was very patient and spent extra time with us trying to get some good footage.  Angela took her time explaining all the packages and use of the DVD and picture CD as well.  We felt like we were your only customers at the time, which I think is important during such a special time and memorable occasion.  We will definitely be seeing you again and referring you to our friends.
Thank you,

I would just like to say that the experience was unlike any other.  The staff was wonderful and made the experience even better because they took their time in trying to capture the best images.  I would definitely recommend your services to anyone.

I just wanted to say that my experience with First Glimpse was AWESOME!!!  Thanks for everything.  When Cayleigh comes I will make sure and come up there so you can see her.